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Ten exciting activities in Rovinj

According to new research based on the number of searches and statistics from Twitter, Rovinj is the most desirable new tourist destination. Rovinj is one of those places that you will fall in love at first sight. One of those places that just feel good. You can easily walk its cobbled streets and relax in the old town, or drink a glass of good wine by the sea, watching the people walk and feel good.

1. Visit the old town

Rovinj is a beautiful town with its cobbled streets and painted buildings. It is located on a small peninsula, with colorful houses that rise above the sea, which will enchant you every time you take a look at them. Go to the cathedral and enjoy the Venetian architecture and excellent atmosphere of this enchanting city. For the best view of the city, the red roofs, sea and islands around the city, climb the bell tower. There also has many old-fashioned shops, art souvenir shop and a jewelry shop. Sit in one of the many restaurants and bars and enjoy the view of Rovinj.

2. Visit to the museum Batana

Batana is a traditional Rovinj boat, and is an integral part of the history of the city and its inhabitants. There is a museum dedicated to the old-fashioned boat. The museum is relatively small, but it is definitely worth a visit. Batana friends organize interesting events during the summer, so you can go on a boat ride around the city, and after that to the traditional dinner.

3. Visit the islands of St. Catherine and St. Andrew

Ten exciting activities in Rovinj

St Catherine and St Andrew (Red Island) are not far from the shores of the old town of Rovinj. Both islands are completely without a car. Island of St. Catherine is smaller and closer to the coast. It can be reached after a five-minute boat ride. The boat during the peak season runs every half hour. The island of St. Catherine has beautiful gardens and parks, and has over 450 different species of plants. The beaches are mostly rocky. The only hotel on the island is the Hotel Katarina. Located in an old palace and surrounded by beautiful gardens, with a beautiful view of the old town. The island of St. Andrew is the largest island of Rovinj archipelago. It can be reached in just 15 minutes by boat, and it offers a magnificent view of the town and forest area of the Zlatni Rt. He is also known as Red Island, and actually consists of two islands, larger St. Andrew and smaller Maskin. They are connected by a causeway. On the island there are several historic buildings, such as the unfinished mausoleum Huetterorr, the old church and monastery which today is a fancy restaurant Lanterna.

The vegetation on the island is very rich and has over 180 different species of plants. There is only one hotel. Hotel Istria is a beautiful four-star hotel that has 326 rooms in the main building, and 34 large apartments in another building. A visit to the Red Island and St. Catherine is a great way to have fun outside of Rovinj and is one of the most interesting activities on offer. Views from the sea to the old town are just enchanting.

4. Evening trip on a traditional boat.

During the summer, every Tuesday and Thursday, you can book your place at a special event at Batani. The excursion starts at the small pier at 20.30h. The boat will take you around the Rovinj peninsula. The evening will continue in local taverns or Rovinj house for dinner. Dinner consists of local specialties: seafood, olive oil and local wine. This is a very interesting way of getting to know the local gastronomic delights and a way of life.

5. Visiting the ruins

Visit the archaeological site Monkodonjo. This site contains remains from the Bronze Age. It is located five kilometers east of Rovinj. This village was surrounded by one mile long walls. It consisted of three parts: the central mound, craft neighborhoods and living quarters. More than a thousand people lived in this village. Today you can visit the remains of this, once an important settlement.

6. Cycling

Cycling in Rovinj can be an exciting activity. Istria is generally a great destination for lovers of cycling, and is very popular among amateurs, and professionals. In the area of Rovinj there are four marked bicycle trails for recreation: Rubin, St. Thomas, St. Euphemia and the trail of Captain Morgan.

7. Going to the beach

Ten exciting activities in Rovinj

Rovinj beaches are not that attractive, mostly because of the rocky coast. However, the sea is crystal clear and very refreshing during the hot summer. This is still the one she most exciting activities in Rovinj.

8. Try the local food

Rovinj has a rich fishing tradition. So please during your stay in Rovinj try the seafood specialties in local restaurants. You can also follow our recommendations of restaurants in Rovinj to avoid some tourist traps !

9. Spend a day in the forest park Zlatni rt

Forest Golden Cape is a beautiful nature park, one of the many natural attractions of Rovinj, situated only twenty minutes of walking from the center of Rovinj. The area is perfect for walking, cycling, swimming and hiking. There are well-known paths for walkers and cyclists, as well as numerous coves, perfect for swimming. The beaches are mostly gravel and stone. The more you enter the interior of the park, the atmosphere is calmer (and less crowded!). There are several cafes where you can relax with a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

10. Watching birds

Palud, wetland area located about ten kilometers from Rovinj is the only ornithological locality in Istria. Thanks to its geomorphology, this place is home to numerous migratory and non-migratory, turtles, eels, mullet and many other animal species.

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