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Rovinj islands

The Rovinj Island chain is shaped by twenty islands, St. Andrew and St. Catherine are the biggest and feature tourist facilities. Rovinj's island chain is among the lushest and the most stunning ones in the northern part of Adriatic. The easiest way to get to those islands is by a liner, while the remaining islands can be explored via private agreements, , via a private or a leased boat, considering that smaller sailing boats and motorboats can be rented in several locations in Rovinj. This region of exceptional natural beauty stretches from St. John ridge to Barbariga. The island of St. Andrew, additionally called the Red island and St. Catherine island are easy to get to by ferryboats that runs from the harbor facing the central square. The two islands in addition to tourist services have lots of other attractions like Hütterott's castle (once was a abbey), the Baron Hütterott's mausoleum on the nearby Island of Maskin, linked with the Island of St. Andrew by a path, or the ancient building on St. Catherine island that is the first populated location in this part of Istria.

Rovinj islands

When speaking about the islands of Rovinj, the isle of St. John, or, as it is called by the locals, San Giovanni, should definitely be pointed out. The island itself was inhabited ever since ancient times, and these days ruins of the tower and the Benedictine church of St. John still exist, but sadly only the ruins, because the island was deserted after Napoleon's landing in this region, most likely in the beggining of the 19th century.

Pretty close to the St. John island, Rovinj's only island lighthouse, St. John at sea, is settled. The lights from the island have been helping seafarers to determine their position for 150 years, and in the past few years it is also possible to spend the summer holiday there, of course, in a Robinson Crusoe style. Rovinj's archipelago has some additional interesting islands, such as Samer, or the donkey island, where rumor has it that the people of Rovinj used to bring their old and ill donkeys and let them live the rest of their time left in peace and quiet.

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