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Istria-Apartments.co.uk offers you the largest list of private accommodations in Pula available on the internet, a rich photogallery and much more. Find apartments, villas with pool, studio-apartments, from cheap rooms to luxury apartment with no reservation cost. Check out guest reviews and ratings, and have a best vacation in Pula.

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Tourist information

Pula is one of the most visited tourist destination in Croatia with a wide assortment of private apartments, villas, cheap hostels, and hotels. Pula is a sea coast city perfect for holidays in Croatia. Book one of our authentic apartments from our offer in Pula and enjoy the spirit and uniqueness of the Mediterranean.

On the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula, at the very end of a Pula Bay, there is Pula, a beautiful city, more than 3000 years old. It is full of many cultural and historical monuments, the most famous one being Arena. It is a magnificent amphitheater from the 2nd century and the sixth largest in the world. Numerous tourist buildings are located outside the town, in thick pine forests along the sea. You can choose from a wide range of apartments, holiday houses, hotels, villas in great areas and near to the main attractions in Pula. The Pula apartments are modern, well maintained and competitively priced.

The other attraction of this town is its mild climate - the sun shines for 2350 hours in Pula. There are two marinas in the town, and nautical tourism is starting to develop. Pula is also a known congress center (the large congress hall in Hotel Histria). The town can be reached by various means of transportation, and there is an airport in the immediate vicinity of Pula (6 km), which meets the requirements of international air traffic. Pula is also a center of sports tourism due to its numerous high-quality sports facilities (tennis courts, sports halls, football stadiums, track-and-field courses, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water sports facilities, etc.) as well as its proximity to an airport.

In Pula, the apartments, houses, private rooms and hostels provide the best value for your accommodation budget. Renting apartments can be an economical choice for groups as the cost is usually much lower than renting a room in the hotel.

Popular events in Pula

  • The Croatian Film Festival (July).
  • The Pop Music Festival 'Arena', held in Arena (July).
  • Art & Music Festival - the rock music festival (in August).

Cultural monuments in Pula

  • Amphitheater.
  • Triumphal Arch of the Sergi.
  • Golden gate.
  • The Temple of Augustus.
  • City Hall.
  • Twin Gates and City Walls.
  • Gate of Hercules.
  • Forum.
  • Church and Monastery of Saint Francis.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas.
  • Chapel of Saint Maria Formosa.
  • Castle.
  • Historical Museum of Istria.
  • Archaeological Museum of Istria.
  • Small Roman Theater.
  • Naval cemetery.
  • House of the Armed Forces.
  • Austrian architecture.

Best beaches in Pula

On the gorgeous Istrian coastline, there are 44 beaches which are rewarded with the Blue Flag - a unique sign of the clear sea and required amenities at the beach. The Pula Riviera has a lot of stony and pebbly beaches, in addition to cement patios from which you can relieve yourself into the crystal clear and pleasant waters of the Adriatic Sea.

  • Beach Ambrela is situated at the gateway to the tourism zone Verudela. Due to its cleanness and other superiorities such as extraordinary sea quality, has been rewarded the Blue Flag. Pebble beach with a pleasant entrance into the sea catches the attention of numerous guests, particularly family groups with kids.

    List of accommodation within fifteen minutes travel to the Ambrela beach

  • Hawaii Beach is situated near the tourist resort Verudela Beach in the bay underneath the hotel Park.It is a pebble beach with steady entrance into the sea. The beach is perfect for family groups with small kids who can safely and securely have a good time in the shallow sea.
  • Valkane - Throughout the seaside boardwalk which expands over many kilometers along the Pula's coastline you can find many rocky and stony beaches. A section of the beach Valkane, positioned in a cove, is organized for men and women with disabilities. One section of the beach is pebbly and it is perfect for families with youngsters, and the other section is graveled so there you can enjoy in sunbathing on your deck chair. Looking for apartments and hotels close to the Valkane beach ? Click here for more info.
  • Beach Brioni - is awarded Blue Flag and is situated at the entrance of the tourist resort Verudela, not distant from the town center. Looking for accommodation close to the Brioni beach ? Click here for more info.
  • Beach Stoja - Western from the city center is situated a well-known holiday spot Stoja which has a stunning beach and lots of tourist facilities. The beach is pebbly with some stony areas, and with a conveniently accessible entry to the sea. Over the beach, there is positioned a tourist camping ground where you can rent various props for sea sports, and there is also a couple of sports fields for mini-golf, tennis, football and beach ball. As a part of the resort, there are dining establishments, pubs, store and an exchange office. If you are looking for holiday apartments close to the Stoja beach click here.

The Arch of the Sergii (Golden Gate)

The Arch is located on the Portarata square, on the eastern edge of the former city walls. It used to be located inside the city walls next to the city gates which were called the Golden Gate. That is why today the remnants of the arch are named the Golden Gate. Because of its location inside the walls and behind the Golden Gate in the ancient time, it could practically not be seen from the eastern side of the city. It was ordered by Salvia Postuma, probably sometime around the second half of the 1st century BC in the honor of three members of the Sergii family, which was the famous noble family at the time. From the inscriptions from that time we know their names – it was Lucius Sergius, Lucius Sergius Lepidus, and Gnaeus Sergius while on two inscriptions it is noted that the construction was paid by Salvia Postuma. The Arch was constructed in Hellenic style and is rich in relief decorations. The western side is more decorated, which is understandable, since the center of the city is located on that side, and the monument was more visible from there. On the same side, the nearby monument dedicated to James Joyce is also located. Looking for private accommodation close to the Arch of the Sergii ? Click here for a comprehensive list of apartments and hotels!

The Archaeological museum in Pula

The Archaeological museum in Pula was being formed at the beginning of the 19th century when the objects from Nesactium and the Temple of Augusts on the Forum was brought in the collection. The location was on a different place in the street called 'the Rise of Saint Stephen', near the Arch. After the merge with several other institutions, the movement and opening of new locations began in 1930. The museum was located in the former building of the Austrian Gymnasium, inside the old city walls, between the Twin Gates and Small Roman Theater, where it still stands today. In the permanent exhibition, the exhibits from the area of Istria from prehistoric, ancient and medieval times can be seen. Among other exhibits, there is thousand-year-old jewelry, roman coins, monuments and pottery, Early Christian mosaics and other items. The Archaeological museum has other collections located in the Arena, the Temple of Augustus and beautiful Church of the Sacred Heart in Nesactium. An invaluable resource for travelers looking for cheap accommodation close to the Archaeological Museum can be found here.

Cheap flights from Pula

Pula Airport has a favorable location since it is located in a popular tourist area while Rijeka Airport is far away enough. On the other side, there is Trieste, Italy, which offers several low-rate lines. Thus, Pula is directly connected with many attractive destinations, like Brussels, London and Paris. To the largest city of Istria, among others, flights are organized by Ryanair, Germanwings, and Norwegian, while traditional airline companies like Croatia Airlines, SAS and other, are also present in Pula. Most of the lines are seasonal, so the traffic is very low from November to the end of March, while in the summer, the offer of lines increases significantly. If you explore Pula in low season, you’ll discover lots of hotels and apartments closed, and the meteorological conditions unreliable, but without the crowds, Pula is without a doubt at its most romantic.

Average accommodation prices

Where to stay in Pula, Croatia

There's an incredible range of accommodation in and around Pula. Most Pula hotels are outside town on the charming Verudela peninsula with beach access and a number of sports. For a beachfront vacation, the location could hardly be more desirable however if you want to feel the "genuine Pula" or explore the art galleries, churches and museums reside in the heart of the town. The bay of the close-by Pjescana uvala has a little soft sand beach and additionally has several nice accommodation alternatives. Medulin is a well-known resort town approximately 10 kilometers far from Pula and close to a beach. Pula has a great deal of family managed holiday apartments and villas offered for rental. Lots of residents live from its income so it would be nice to help the community and stay in private apartments, which are inexpensive, well-maintained and private. Many apartment owners in Pula and elsewhere in Istria expect you to stay for at least three nights with 30% reservation fee. On-season you may be expected to stay for seven nights, especially in private accommodation.

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Arboretum, atm, botanical garden, caves, churches, cinema, duty free, fitness centre, forests, grocery stores, hospital, library, marina, water parks, theme parks, zoo, waterfalls, wine cellar, restaurants, tennis courts, swimming, walking paths, sailing club, cycling, fishing, horse riding, golf club, windsurfing, water ski, mountain biking, mountaineering, paragliding, diving, hunting, bird watching, casinos, hiking, rafting, snorkelling

Popular neighborhoods



  • The town hall Pula The town hall Pula ~ 0,2 km from Pula
  • Fortress Kastel Fortress Kastel ~ 0,3 km from Pula
  • Porta Herculanea Porta Herculanea ~ 0,3 km from Pula
  • Monastery and Church of St. Francis Monastery and Church of St. Francis ~ 0,4 km from Pula
  • Temple of Augustus Temple of Augustus ~ 0,5 km from Pula
  • Arena Pula Arena Pula ~ 0,6 km from Pula
  • Pula Cathedral Pula Cathedral ~ 0,7 km from Pula
  • Naval Cemetery Naval Cemetery ~ 2,2 km from Pula
  • Diving club Orca Diving club Orca ~ 3,6 km from Pula
  • Diving club Puntizela Diving club Puntizela ~ 4,6 km from Pula
  • Diving club Indie Diving club Indie ~ 4,6 km from Pula
  • National park Brijuni National park Brijuni ~ 8,4 km from Pula
  • Levan island Levan island ~ 8,7 km from Pula
  • Diving club Shark Diving club Shark ~ 9,2 km from Pula

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