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Five biggest travel mistakes

1. I can find accommodation when I get there

In the peak of the season (like right now, for example), coming here without reservation can turn into a catastrophe. Maybe you can find few people who will hold a "rooms" sign when you get off the bus or ferry, but I wouldn't count on that. Even if you manage to find a room, neither the price or location will be optimal. It does get better in off season period, but every day more and more apartments are being rent via internet, so there is no more need to look for accommodation around bus stations. In case of emergency, it is best to go to local tourist agency and see if they can help you.

2. I need a car so I can see everything

Public transportation is excellent in Istria. Public buses are connecting all major cities, and there is a wide choice of tourist ferry lines which can take you to nearby islands during summer. Yes, traveling via public transportation is a bit slower, but can be much more engaging. However, if you're staying only for few day, it would probably be best if you rented a car.

3. I can easily plan my own trip

If you're losing your last nerves over planning your trip, don't worry, you're not the only one. Cause of a truly long coast and a bit complicated ferry timetable, planning can be a really demanding job. Don't worry too much about details. You simply can not see everything in a week or two. Throw out your "to see" list and focus on things you really like. You don't "have" to see Motovun or any other place. Istria has a rich tourist offer and beautiful landscape which will allow you to find something interesting and exciting in any part of Istria that you're staying in.

4. I can pay everything with credit card

Hotel accommodation, car rent and ferry transportation, yes. Private accommodation usually requires cash only and you will probably find a same way of paying policy in smaller restaurants and bars. Luckily, there won't be any trouble in finding a cash machine.

5. Istria is cheap

Not really. Istria offers great money value and you can find a lot of cheap offerings off season, when hotel accommodation prices begin to drop. Groceries, fuel, clothes and car rent prices are similar like in any other west European cities. Bus tickets are affordable; ferry tickets are not. Restaurants can be relatively affordable off season and out of tourist centers like Porec or Rovinj. Meat, pizza and pasta are cheap, fish is expensive. Sun and sea are free!

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